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Dear Mrs.
Dear Mr.

On behalf of Prof. Peter Hellings, Prof. Dario Bertossi and Prof. Cameron McIntosh we are very pleased to send you the partnership prospectus for the "European Rhinoplasty Course" which will be organized in Brussels in the Palace of the Academies on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 2023 (

This course is held under the auspices of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) and the European Rhinologic Society (ERS), and brings together top surgeons from Europe and the United States with world fame in the field of rhinoplasty.

The program has been elaborated in such a way that participants will be up-dated on the latest techniques of rhinoplasty.  The programme aims at being of huge interest to all surgeons dealing with patients seeking rhinoplasty: Plastic Surgeons, ENT Surgeons and Maxillo-Facial Surgeons.

The duration of the meeting will be 2,5 days.

Whats new in 2023?

  • 4 workshops
  • 4 recorded debate possibilities with experts (previous debates had not only been watched by the 150 attendees, but by over 2500 surgeons wordwide online)

We also organize a:

  • High-profile Dissection Workshop for 50 registered participants
  • High-profile Workshop on Non-surgical Rhinoplasty for all participants

We want to provide our exhibitors a true partnership opportunity, with maximum visibility and an innovative way of publicity.

Our strategy:

  • By placing our partners in such a way that all participants need to pass by the exhibitors before entering or leaving the meeting room
  • By placing the food court in the exhibitors room
  • By playing a game where exhibitors will give the participants a "Task" to do. Prizes for the best participants will be given @ the end of the congress
  • By arranging recorded sessions that we place on Youtube

We believe that all participants will be happy to see the newest developments in Rhinoplasty products.

We want to make the difference with our meeting, therefore all exhibitors can bring students for free.

We are always available for you, when you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Carine Decorte:

Partnership is proposed in 5 different modalities and includes the participation and catering for the number of persons attending your booth for the 3 days.


  • mini booth 2 m²
  • small banner on website congress
  • small banner in hand out
  • 2 people on the booth


  • standard booth 3.5 m²
  • 2 vouchers for the gala diner 
  • banner on website congress
  • banner in hand out
  • hand out a task played @ your booth for the game
  • invite of 2 specialists-in-training (for dissection / non-dissection)


  • 5’ presentation on stage with use of screen,
  • booth size 5 m – 3m,
  • 4 vouchers for gala diner diner, 
  • banner on website congress,
  • banner of ½ page in hand out,
  • hand out a task played @ your booth for the game
  • invite of 2 specialists and 3 specialists-in-training (for dissection / non-dissection)


5 minute demo of your product followed by a debate of the PRO/CONTRA arguments ( +2500 views online )


  • Exclusivity
  • Booth size 8m-4m
  • 4h presentation/workshop on prime time for all participants
  • Can invite 20 people only for 4H workshop/presentation.
  • 6 vouchers for congress gala diner
  • banner on website,
  • full page in hand out,
  • hand out a task played @ your booth for the game
  • Invitation of 3 seniors and 6 juniors for the course


5 minute demo of your product followed by a debate of the PRO/CONTRA arguments ( +2500 views online )



to be discussed

Please contact Mrs. Carine Decorte:

+32 472 41 00 38

Click to Chat (mobile only)




Recorded interviews of KOLs on novel products/instruments, with a professional audio-visual company. We place the interviews on the course website and distribute via social media, with major exposure of the partners who provided an educational grant.

These videos  can be used for own purposes.

We kindly invite you to have a look at the non-industry-related videos distributed through the website: .



Faculty dinner with an invitation to participate for 2 persons.



Aperotime at the congress dinner with participation and possibility to place visibility.





Booking forms should be returned to before November 1st.

Exhibition space will not be confirmed until full payment is received.

Cancellation policy

If an exhibition space has to be cancelled, the following condition will apply: less than 2 months prior to the conference: a cancellation fee of 100% of the exhibition fee will be payable.

Exhibition space

Places are allocated strictly on a first come first served basis.
The exhibition space has been carefully planned to allow the maximum number of companies to exhibit. It is imperative therefore that your stand does not exceed the size allocated to you. If your company arrives at the meeting with a larger stand, you will be asked to dismantle any part of the stand, which encroaches to the detriment of a neighbouring site. No electrical extension leads are available at the venue and all companies must provide their own.
Spaces between the exhibition stands must be kept free. No fittings, fixtures or signs of any nature are to be attached to the walls or fabric of the building and all stands must be free standing. Firms displaying heavy pieces of equipment must take adequate measures to protect floors from damage.

Set up

Information on set up and breakdown will be supplied 2 months before the conference. Exhibitors must be set up by the start of the meeting. Access for setup after this time is solely at the discretion of the organizers. 

Loss or damage

Neither the venue, nor the organisation of the congress can be held responsible for loss or damage to the exhibitors’ stands or property. Obtaining the relevant insurance is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor. The organizers reserve the right to alter the exhibition layout without prior notice. Applications received for space, and then confirmed, imply complete acceptance of the above conditions. If any matters or disputes arise, the decision of the meeting Secretary is final.